OMG… There are BUGS in my Cereal Box!

OMG… There are BUGS in my Cereal Box! You pull your favorite cereal box down from the shelf, and begin to pour the cereal into a bowl. Before you pour the milk, you realize there are bugs in the cereal box. OMG! What kind of bugs are these? Where did they come from? How [...]

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How does a freeze impact Mosquitoes?

It is a myth that mosquitoes are affected by freezing temperatures! They are not impacted in their entirety. With a subtropical climate, our environment mimics the tropics, creating habitats supportive of some species of mosquitoes that co-exist with us throughout the entire year. As hard freezes arrive in South Louisiana, mosquitoes are less prevalent [...]

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Why are bugs attracted to lights?

WHY ARE BUGS ATTRACTED TO LIGHTS? Have you ever noticed moths, for example, attracted to street lights or the exterior lights on your home in the evening? Although scientists cannot draw a conclusive reason as to why bugs are attracted to light, there’s one theory about insects being known as positively phototactic organisms. The theory [...]

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Rid Your Home Of Pests

HOW TO RID YOUR HOME OF PESTS THAT AREN’T GUESTS Roaches… ants… rodents… OMG!  Silverfish… spiders… beetles… SMH!  The list is too long to take it all in, but you get the idea.  No one wants to entertain or have house guests while they have these unwanted guests. Entertaining can be stressful enough, especially with [...]

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Are You Inviting Pests To Thanksgiving Dinner?

Who are you inviting to Thanksgiving Dinner? You’re most likely inviting family members and close friends over for a Thanksgiving feast. You’ll probably serve a beautifully roasted turkey, a sweet potato casserole, oyster dressing, roasted vegetables, a delicious salad, crunchy French bread, and an array of fabulous desserts. What you do not realize is [...]

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What Attracts Bugs?

What Attracts Bugs ... the Anti-Bug To-Do List? Bugs are pretty low-maintenance when it comes to their needs. Basically, they need food, shelter and water. If you find that bugs are attracted to your home or yard, it most likely means that you are providing easy access to one or all of these needs. In [...]

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Why Cockroaches Are So Terrifying?

Have You Ever Wondered Why Cockroaches Are So Terrifying? You might be sitting on your sofa, watching a movie, and then out of the corner of your eye, something flies in and drops down to join you. Almost instantly, you realize that it is not your typical bug because of its size and apparent ability [...]

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Why Do Termites Eat Wood?

Termites are detritivores (also known as detritus feeders), needing water, cellulose, and shelter to survive. Cellulose is an organic fiber found in wood and plant matter. They dine on the cellulose, the best source of nutrition for their dietary requirements, absorbing both the moisture and nutrients. Our homes have ample supplies of dead [...]

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The Ants Go Marching One By One Hurrah

Have you ever wondered why ants march one by one? Ants are actually very social insects and have a strict organized life which involves traveling great distances away from their nests looking for food. They seem to walk in a straight line one by one, because they are actually following a path that maps the [...]

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