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Are These Bugs Skeeter Eaters?

They have hit the New Orleans Metropolitan Area in swarms. They are big, maybe a little scary, and they look like over sized mosquitoes. They go by many names Daddy-long Legs, Gully Nippers, Golly Wopper, Mosquito Hawks.....So, what exactly are they and Are These bugs Skeeter Eaters? They Are Crane Flies or Tipulidae These bugs [...]

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Mosquitos during the Winter

Do Mosquitos disappear during the winter? In Louisiana, we are always happy when that first cold spell comes through, reducing the humidity and heat. One of the benefits of the cold is that the mosquitos seem to disappear. But, should we still be aware and cautious of Mosquitos during the Winter? Unfortunately, mosquitos do not disappear [...]

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A Customer Experience

At Terminix, we believe in providing customer service. Whether you need Termite Control, Pest Control, Residential or Commercial Services, the Terminix Team is here to help you. Below is one of our client's personal experiences: Around my house, we have a Termite Contract, the Sentricon System, as well as the Pest Control Service. This could [...]

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Firewood Storage Tips

New Orleans Firewood Storage Tips One day the temperature in New Orleans is going to drop again and we can enjoy our fireplaces, but until then our firewood will just sit. The question is where is the best place to store firewood? Throughout this article you will learn some quick Firewood Storage Tips that will [...]

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Pigeon Control

They fly, they nest, and they leave their mark on EVERYTHING....Pigeons.  Did you know that some birds can actually be a nuisance for home owners and businesses? The main culprit behind many bird control problems is the feral pigeon. The pigeon is actually not a native to the US, but are descendants of domesticated pigeons [...]

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Shoo Fruit Fly….Don’t Bother Me

Fruit flies are definitely one of the most irritating of the pests. They seem to like to fly around the face and will not go away even if you are lucky enough to get one. It makes you want to yell Shoo Fruit Fly....Don't Bother Me! Shoo Fruit Fly....Don't Bother Me Fruit flies are extremely difficult [...]

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Why do Cockroaches die on their backs?

If you imagine the most disgusting insect, most of us would probably think about a roach. In fact, cockroaches may be the most notorious creatures to crawl on the earth. More than 5,000 named cockroach species world wide Most people are not aware that about 5,000 cockroach species have been described and named worldwide. And, [...]

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Winter Termites

Just because you don't see them, does not mean they are not there... Termites do not hibernate during the winter. They will continue to be active year round even during the winter months. So, keep an eye out for the tell-tail signs of termites year round. Termites need three things to survive: water, wood and [...]

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Top Holiday Traditions That Attract Bugs

Did you know that bugs like the holidays too in Louisiana? They may not care about getting gifts, but they will willing participate in some of the other holiday traditions from Garlands to Santa's cookies. Below are the Top Holiday Traditions That Attract Bugs: Wreaths and Garland Wreaths are beautiful and come in all shapes and [...]

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Jumping Fleas

Jumping Fleas Have you ever tried to catch a flea? Even if you caught it, the little flea dot typically just springs away. If you have pets, especially dogs and cats, you have probably seen a flea and maybe even had one jump on you. They are certainly one of the most irritating of the [...]

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